Chahkabesh snares the sun

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Title: cahkâpêsh kâ-nakwâtâkopanê pîsimwa - Chahkabesh snares the sun

Speaker: Xavier Sutherland

Dialect: Swampy Cree

Age Level: 4


Chahkabesh finds what appears to be a blazed trail and wishes to set snares to trap whatever caused it but his sister forbids it because that region is where the sun walks when it rises in the morning. Chahkabesh does not heed his sister's warnings and sets a trap where the sun walks. The next morning, both brother and sister wake up early but the dawn does not arrive and they figure it must be because Chahkabesh actually snared the sun. He sets off to free it but the sun was shining too hot to get near so he asks his friend, the littlest mouse, to gnaw through the snare line so the sun may walk again.


Boy Animals Woman Supernatural Chahkabesh

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