Weesakechahk carries around his song bag

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Title: wîsakêcâhk kâ-pimiwatêkopanê onikamôwiniwat - Weesakechahk carries around his song bag

Speaker: Xavier Sutherland

Dialect: Swampy Cree

Age Level: 6


Weesakechahk tricks many birds into falling into his trap by refusing to sing outdoors for them and building a wigwam with snares all over. He instructs the birds to dance to his song lyrics and so when he sings of eyes closing, they close their eyes and when he sings of dancing with their necks together, that's what they do. That is when he pulls on the snares and chokes the birds. The loon gets suspicious because of the noise, however, and when he opens his eyes, he runs away. Weesakechahk kicks him in the back, flattening the loon forever. Then, Weesakechahk decides to bury the dead birds and cook them in the hot sand but he is robbed overnight and discovers only the feet still in the sand.


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