The man who was devoured by rabbits

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Title: nâpêw kâ-kî-kitamokokopanê wâposhwa - The man who was devoured by rabbits

Speaker: Xavier Sutherland

Swampy Cree

Age Level: 6


This story teaches children not to laugh at anyone who is in trouble. There were once two families living together during winter who lived mostly on hunting rabbits. One day, one of the hunters came back earlier than expected with blood covering his hands from a rabbit bite and was laughed at by his companion. His companion thought he was inept and that angered the hunter who decided to cast a spell on the one who laughed at him. The next day, the companion went on the rabbit hunt and was confronted by waves of increasing numbers of rabbits until there were too many to kill. The rabbits feasted on him and all that remained days later were his bare bones on the snow.


Animals Supernatural

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